Demo Day Batch 1 | Congrats on great results!

Work together, grow together: all founders and startups together with involved representatives from Hirschvogel, HOERBIGER and Max Aicher.


Nine startups impressed the companies Hirschvogel, HOERBIGER and Max Aicher during the Pitch Days held in January. IOXP, Blik, HD Vision Systems, Cascade Drives, Applied Nano Surfaces, Point 8, Lithoz, Spumix and Tomorrow Labs were selected into the first batch of FASTTRACK out of more than 350 initial applications to start collaborating on joint projects.



The founders guided the audience through the results of the joint innovation projects.



Over the past three months, the founders collaborated intensively with their project counterparts on a total of twelve innovation projects. On June 18, they presented their results at FASTTRACK Demo Day in Landsberg am Lech, Germany.
Each of the companies had 25 minutes to showcase their projects, which was followed by a Q&A session to address questions from the audience.



Additionally the startups had the chance to give a live-demo of their technologies.


Attendees had an opportunity to exchange additional information directly at the startups’ marketplaces, where technologies and the project results were demonstrated live on-site.
A barbecue held afterwards provided ample networking time for the startups and company representatives. Time to reflect upon the past months and exchange ideas for further collaboration.



One thing became clear very quickly during the presentation of the projects: it did not take the teams long to achieve extremely valuable results for both parties. The startups used the opportunity to improve their technologies or even develop new use cases based on the challenges posed by a real large-scale manufacturing environment. The founders benefited greatly from these real life insights and challenges in manufacturing. Their project counterparts contributed all their years of experience, supported them wherever needed in a very hands-on manner and brought the right means and contacts into play to turn all projects into a success.



Cheers to a very successful first batch – time to elaborate on the results and steps ahead.


For Hirschvogel, HOERBIGER and Max Aicher, working with the startups resulted in the development of innovative ideas. They examined the advantages that the startups’ solutions have to offer for their firms and then jointly continued to develop the application.
The end of the first round of FASTTRACK does not mean the end for the Accelerator Program. Soon, the partners will discuss further activities with the startups in-house and will bring the projects to a conclusion outside of the program.



Additionally, the second round of FASTTRACK is now being launched. Applications may be submitted until September 2, 2018.