HD Vision Systems GmbH

Project Scope

HD Vision Systems is up to date the only FASTTRACK Alumni who has conducted three PoCs successfully in parallel.

The idea behind all projects was to see, whether a fully automated robot vision system would be capable of meeting the quality requirements of large-scale production with regards to cycle time, identification of error types and error detection reliability.

Partner Environment

Highly automated production lines with partly manual quality inspection. Loud, greasy and dusty with changing light conditions and high cycle times.

Core Activity Startup
  • Adjust algorithmic parameters to surface properties of metal components (in regards to surface reflection and roughness)
  • Training the model with default parts under different environmental settings
  • Determine the ideal setup and interaction between robot handling systems, sensor systems, parameters of data acquisition and factory automation
Core Activity Partner
  • Determine a set of parts and error types to be detected in the PoC
  • Determine a suitable robot which could be equipped with the HD Vision sensor for test scenarios
  • Make APIs available
Project Result

HD Vision Systems under-promised and over-delivered. In the PoCs they proofed their LumiScan sensor system to be capable of reliably inspecting surfaces, detecting pre-determined error types and even measure components in terms of volume and tolerances — in large-scale cycle times, reliability and automotive quality.


HD Vision Systems expanded and continued their PoCs with all three partners. They went on to test the system reliability by testing some ten thousand components

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