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Three very successful family-owned industrial companies with a large international client base, substantial know-how and experience in a wide variety of products, processes and technology are looking for YOU! Learn more about how we can become the perfect match and fulfil your vision for cooperation with us. The most promising startups will be invited to join the FASTTRACK Pitch Day on November 5, 2019 in Landsberg am Lech, Germany.


Submission is open until September 13, 2019.

Over 15.000
employees worldwide
Over 3 billion euros in
sales in 2017
Business in over
60 countries
Experience, know-how
and top-notch technology

FASTTRACK is a project-orientated, structured support program to accelerate the realisation of ideas and products of innovative startups by providing access to technical competencies, production facilities, know-how, international markets and our large customer base. We offer YOU the unique opportunity to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, creative ideas and potential to realise and test innovative products whilst receiving support from highly successful family-owned companies.

How it works:

Batch 1 is successfully finished, Batch 2 is in project phase, Batch 3 is open for appliactions: We are looking for startups that match our technology fields and are interested in becoming a strong corporate partner for joint projects. Let us join forces within the FASTTRACK program. Find more information in our

FASTTRACK Info Package | Batch 2Apply for Batch 3

Review Batch 1 & Batch 2
Batch 1: 20 startups invited to pitch day, 9 startups selected into program, 12 conducted pilot projects
Batch 2: 20 startups invited to pitch day, 7 startups selected into program, 8 conducted pilot projects

High-Tech B2B Startups

If your company is already founded and you can demonstrate your solution in form of a prototype or proof of concept or even show reference customers, then you have already passed the first step of the qualification!


We are looking for innovative startups that can benefit from our assets and vast experience, which includes raw material production, processing, manufacturing of components and automation in large-scale production. If you are looking for the opportunity to prove and/or further develop your technology or solution in a three month supported and mentored pilot project, then this could be the start of something big. This cooperation between three very successful family owned businesses can facilitate development and growth in a wide spectrum of applications.


We are especially looking for startups in the following technology fields:

Sensors & Actuators for Manufacturing Processes

Human-Machine Interaction & Cobots (Collaboration Humans and Robots)

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Processes

Data Analytics & Processing for Manufacturing and Automation

Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing

Industrial Internet of Things

Innovative Materials & Coatings for Industrial Applications

Supply Chain & Logistics Management solutions ensuring Transparency and Traceability




Unused Data


Large Energy Consumptions

Large Number of Employees


Work and Storage Space


Mass Production


Successful since 1938

Sales in 2017 in mil euros 1,167

Employees worldwide 5,300

Production plants in Germany, USA, China, India, Poland and Mexico

The family-owned Hirschvogel Automotive Group, headquartered in Denklingen nearby Munich, Germany, is among the world’s largest automotive suppliers in the area of sophisticated functional components. Our customers include all renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. The consolidated sales of the Group with plants in Germany, USA, China, India, Poland, and Mexico exceeded one billion euros in 2016. The number of employees was about 5,000. These figures speak for themselves – and for the Hirschvogel Automotive Group.
Ceravis is the strategic investment arm of the same group of shareholders who also own the Hirschvogel Automotive Group. Ceravis not only invests in cutting-edge technologies, more specifically industrial technologies, but also develops new business models by setting up and offering startup incubation and acceleration programs.

Successful since 1895

Sales in 2017 in mil euros 1,173

Employees worldwide 7,300

Foundation as the majority shareholder – 140 locations in over 50 countries

HOERBIGER is active throughout the world as a leading player in the fields of compression technology, drive technology and hydraulics. In 2017, its 7,300 employees achieved sales of 1,173 million euros. The HOERBIGER brand is synonymous with components and services providing high customer value in compressors, industrial engines and turbines, automotive drivetrains, and multifaceted mechanical engineering applications. HOERBIGER industrial safety and explosion mitigation solutions save lives and equipment. Our corporate values – Pioneering Spirit, Courage, Fairness and Closeness – are the direct result of our heritage. The combination of our values is unique. Pioneering Spirit and Courage shape the HOERBIGER culture of innovation – Fairness and Closeness define our conduct toward suppliers and customers as well as among each other. We set standards.

Successful since 1924

Avg. Sales per year in mil euros 1,013

Employees worldwide 4,200

Operating in 18 countries

The Max Aicher Foundation covers a wide spectrum of industrial and commercial activities, but is best known as a leading steel company and supplier to the automotive and building industries. Our more than 4,200 employees, located in 18 countries, are working with passion to utilize their technological know-how to produce high-quality products, intelligent industrial processes, innovative solutions and customer orientated services. The qualifications and commitment of our staff is the basis for our success. With our products, we wish to be the worldwide preferred partner for our customers. Our specific areas of expertise include: Steel and steel production, environment & recycling, real estate properties & projects, building & construction, leisure & tourism. We are continuously expanding the scope of business activities and enhancing our expertise. Each of our companies enjoys a high degree of autonomy which enables them to react rapidly to changing market and technical requirements, thereby ensuring our sustainable success. As a family owned company, we stand for sustainability and stability whilst simultaneously embracing strategic developments for the future.

Step 1: Application


Please use our application form to apply for the FASTTRACK program. We ask you to submit your contact details as well as a detailed description of your technology or solution. Please also specify how you perceive cooperation or synergies with one or more of the companies representing FASTTRACK. Please note that the information you submit in your initial application will be shared with the FASTTRACK steering committee and will be used for further evaluation within the FASTTRACK program.
Applications for FASTTRACK Batch No. 3 will only be accepted until September 13, 2019.


Step 2: Selection Process

A steering committee consisting of representatives of FASTTRACK will select the most interesting startups. You will receive feedback by the end of September 2019, whether your company will be invited to the Pitch Day on November 5, 2019 in Landsberg am Lech, Germany.
This registration process is managed by our cooperation partner Munich Network.


Step 3: Collaboration


Following the Pitch Day, the selected finalists will start 3-month projects together with and supported by Hirschvogel, HOERBIGER and Max Aicher. During this time, the selected startups will be professionally coached and given the opportunity to expand their knowledge in an on-site coaching session in February/March 2020. The results of these projects will then be presented at the Demo Day in May 2020.